About this Project

My background is a lawyer and I do coding from time to time to satisfy my interest to create something useful. In the last 4 weeks, I have been working on a smartcontract that allows me to fractionalized a patent license into X units which is fixed and embedded each license into a NFT. What I need the funds for is to seek help to build an automated interface (UI) for any patentee to configure their patent licensing requirement and have it posted on opensea or better still my own patent licensing platform instead of opensea as it is not really suited. "Art" is not really in the same group as patents licensing. Art has its own copyright which is bundled by opensea (generic one) but this is not the same as licensing. In the long run, develop customised licensing agreements for licensor is my goal. This will help to reduce the costs for licensor and also by using NFT, the licensor can easily offered them online to anyone they wish including their competitors, so this may reduce the need to exclude. Of course, if the patentee does not wish to license and want exclusive use for his or her invention, then this platform is not for them. This platform is for those who wants to license at a fee that is considered fair and a process to offer a license in a NFT which is transferable and recordable at minimal costs. This is a link to show that is possible to use opensea but as I said much of the work (say metadata) are coded manually and uploading to IPFS etc. So a front-facing UI is sorely needed. https://testnets.opensea.io/assets/0xfb164fbae774c27adb482e40a6f2126cefa90d79/3

I am also happy to give sweat equity to those who may otherwise believe in this proposal. Again this is subject to an agreement similar to those found in a startup.