About this Project

I am working on a smartcontract to fractionalize patent license into fixed X units and embedded each license into a NFT. What I need the funds for is an automated interface (UI) for any patentee to configure their patent licensing requirement and have it posted on an exchange instead of Opensea as it is not really suited. "Art" is not really in the same group as patents licensing. In the long run, to develop customised licensing agreements for licensor using IPXI's failed experiment as signposts. IPXI charrted an important milestone in commoditizing patent licenses and sank. Here is an excellent article about its demise and should be the starting point for anyone to familiarise with the issues. Having said that I believe we should strive to bridge the gap between patentees and licensees so that in the long run a fairer compensatory system encouraging innovation will result instead of litigation.

I am also happy to give sweat equity (tokens) to those who may want to consider working on this project with me. Where I am not good is still in UI and front-end. Again this is subject to an agreement similar to those found in a startup.