For testing using Rikenby Tokens https://test.nftpatent.net and with Matic on Poly-Testnet (Mumbai) https://mum.nftpatent.net .


We are using the Polygon network to post on OpenSea instead of Ethereum (due to high gas). To use this free minting, you need to understand the Generic License (MUST READ). I minted my second NFT US Patent 8650126 on polygon now on OpenSea. You should see my videos to see how this is done. The FIRST NFT License on the ETH network click here to OpenSea.

Here is a link to show you the difference between IPXI and our model. IPXI is considered to be the first patent licensing exchange and the first to go belly up on 23 March 2015, after being in operation for about 2 years.

My focus is to build a dedicated patent licensing platform that uses NFT as a means to transfer said License. I use a generic license free of royalty. I invite the potential licensees to bid for the NFT with a hidden reserve price set by the patentee. The generic license limits the NFTs to 100 units only and each NFT covers up to USD 5.0 Mio net sales. The generic license can be substituted in the metadata if you have a better solution but it pays to read it first. MUST read

In the mean time, please consider making a donation at gitcoin https://gitcoin.co/grants/2999/nft-patent-licensing-platform

Thank you. Updated 11.3.2022